Our clients are some of the largest market participants in the transport and logistics sector involving insurers, fleet operators, freight forwarders, shipping lines, ports, equipment owners, and warehouse operators. Our lawyers provide advisory services to the industry to minimize exposure and avoid costly disputes. When disputes are inevitable, our lawyers are instructed to protect our clients’ interests around the globe, whether in court or before arbitrators.

Our experienced lawyers have both operational and practical legal experience to advise with respect to transportation and storage contracts, vessel and equipment damage, personal injury/wrongful death claims, and bunker disputes, among other areas.

We represent logistics service providers around the globe on issues such as:

• Road Transportation
• Multimodal Carriage
• Railway Transportation
• Air Transportation
• Inland Waterway Transportation
• Transport and Freight Contracts
• Supply Chain Contracts
• Warehousing & Storage Contracts
• Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Defense
• Casualty / Emergency Response

Road Transportation

We assist freight forwarders, brokers, NVOCC’s and motor carriers in preparing and negotiating all of the contracts required to maximize efficiency and reduce risk, including credit agreements, rate quotes, agreements with shippers and carriers, and terms and conditions of service. When disputes arise, will enforce our clients’ rights and defend against claims, whether for cargo losses, equipment damage or debt collection. We leverage our One Global Team approach to ensure our clients receive the highest service, regardless of whether issues arise under applicable conventions such as COGSA or the Carmack Amendment in the US, the CMR in Europe, or other applicable legal regimes involved in over-the-road carriage.

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Multimodal Carriage

We regularly advise and represent clients with respect to multimodal and intermodal carriage issues in international and domestic matters. When intermodal cargo and equipment moves from location to location, the interaction between various contracts, international conventions and local law requires experienced lawyers to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties. We draft and negotiate the agreements necessary for the multimodal movement of cargo. In addition, we regularly advise insurers, carriers, and transportation service providers on the myriad of issues involved, prosecute claims for breach of agreements, and defend against claims for cargo loss, equipment failures or payment disputes.

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Railway Transportation

We understand the challenges around intermodal freight transport, rail-freight and the liabilities that can arise in respect of containerization, rolling highways, double stacks, and piggy-back services, together with the movement of commodities via flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) and the issues they can pose. We are our clients’ first address for all of these topics.

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Air Transportation

Over $6 trillion worth of goods is transported by air globally each year, making up one-third of the world’s trade. Whether our clients have issues with stowage and damage to General Cargo, issues concerning Special Cargo or Dangerous Goods, or issues arising out of airway bills, we rely upon our experience and knowledge to guide clients. We understand the interplay and application of the Montreal Convention and the Warsaw Convention as they relate to cargo claims and have successfully prosecuted and defended actions on behalf of clients.

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Inland Waterways Transportation

Inland waterways transport systems have their own challenges, yet are the ‘greenest’ of transport systems with minimal environmental and CO2 impact. We deal with issues on behalf of operators and service providers as they relate to the movement of goods that are partially or wholly undertaken via inland waterway systems. In the US, we regularly advise and represent vessel owners, operators and equipment owners in disputes ranging from sinkings to person injury matters. In Central Europe, from the Rhine to the Danube, inland waterway transportation completes the set of available transport options.

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Contracts and Advisory

With a deep industry knowledge across the sector at our fingertips, we often advise our clients in a non-contentious context concerning a range of operational issues, regulatory advice, director’s duties, employers’ liability, public liability, and insurance coverage, customs, and practical issues such as storage at the port, warehousing contracts, and recoveries. We work seamlessly alongside the most well-known shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, terminal operators and hauliers on contract drafting and operations. We negotiate key clauses, advise on contractual risks and draft bespoke agreements. We have closely scrutinized, and we have assisted clients with drafting the details of the terms of carriage on the reverse of an array of different bills and consignment notes.

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Logistics Operators

With in-depth sector knowledge gained from years of working with industry leaders, we are aware of the challenges facing logistics operators; from warehousing and storage problems to thefts, damage, delay, and the knock-on effect of road/rail strikes, fuel availability, and employee disputes. Often these problems lead to disputes with third parties and we regularly advise and defend operators in respect of claims brought against them. This usually allows us to suggest further commercial considerations and amendments to clauses and contracts to avoid such claims in the future.

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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Defense

Our lawyers have decades of experience in defending personal injury and wrongful death claims under maritime and transportation law. We regularly defend vessel owners, terminal operators, equipment owners and logistics service providers in state and federal courts throughout the US. We investigate the incident, identify critical defenses at an early stage, and protect the interests and assets of our clients to minimize exposure to runaway verdicts. We further seek indemnity and contribution from other defendants and third parties.

Relying on industry experience and legal expertise, we are proud to serve as the “go-to” lawyers for P&I Clubs, insurance companies, and companies that serve the maritime and transportation industries.

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Casualty / Emergency Response

When serious accidents occur on-site, they usually involve emergency multi-agency attendance and therefore require immediate triage. Our team stands ready to respond to maritime incidents, preserving critical evidence, interviewing witnesses, and assisting with US Coast Guard investigations. We are regularly requested to represent vessel owner and operator interests concerning major incidents involving injuries to personnel, damage to property, and incidents concerning collisions (ship to shore and shore to ship), allisions, pollution, fire damage, and associated risks. We have lawyers experienced in dealing with investigations by HSE, MCA, MMO, Environment Agency, and MAIB as well as defending clients in court cases involving Jones Act and LHWCA 905(b) claims.

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