• Polar Explorers 2 (unrelated) | Case by Case (Ep. 83)

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    In this case, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman booked a cruise to the Northwest Passage in Arctic Canada with Reader Offers Ltd (ROL), a travel company known for its advertisements in newspapers and magazines. However, the cruise did not meet the Shermans’ expectations. Due to ice conditions, the ship could visit only a small part of the Northwest Passage, missing out on historically significant sites associated with the region’s explorers. Instead, much of the cruise was spent exploring the west coast of Greenland.

  • Polar Explorers | Case by Case (Ep. 82)

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    In this complex maritime case, the vessel MT POLAR was seized by Somali pirates in 2010 while traversing the Gulf of Aden with a cargo of fuel oil. After ten months in captivity, the vessel was released upon payment of a hefty ransom by the shipowner, totaling US$7,700,000. Subsequently, the shipowner declared a general average, claiming US$5,914,560.75 from the cargo interests.

  • Jury Equity | Case by Case (Ep. 81)

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    In this case, the Solicitor General seeks permission from the High Court to bring contempt proceedings against Ms. Trudi Ann Warner. The allegations stem from Ms. Warner’s actions outside the Inner London Crown Court on March 27, 2023, where she displayed a placard targeting jurors involved in the trial of individuals affiliated with the environmental group Insulate Britain.

  • Don’t Change the Subject… | Case by Case (Ep. 80)

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    On this week’s episode join Calum Cheyne and Karen Tsang where they discuss The Aquafreedom [2024] EWHC 255 (Comm) case and whether agreements on “subjects” or “subs” give rise to binding contracts.

    Another subjects case in the charterparty context, following hot on the heels of the Leonidas and the Newcastle Express. Something that we love to discuss on Case by Case.The “subject” of today’s episode is The Aquafreedom [2024] EWHC 255 (Comm) and whether agreements on “subjects” or “subs” give rise to binding contracts.

    The Claimant (“the Owners”) in these proceedings is the owner of the vessel Aquafreedom (“the Vessel”). The Defendant (“Trafigura”) contends that it was the charterer of that vessel. Both claim and counterclaim in these proceedings concern whether a 4 year time charterparty was concluded between the parties during negotiations in late January and early February 2023. The Owners contend that there is no real prospect of Trafigura resisting their claim for a declaration that no binding charterparty was concluded. Trafigura’s case is that there is a real prospect of showing that a binding charterparty was concluded either on 30 January 2023, or 6 February 2023.

    To read the full case – click here 

  • Ever Given – Salvaging a Contract, Part II | Case by Case (Ep. 79)

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    This week’s episode “Ever Given – Salvaging a Contract, Part II” looks at the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Ever Given case – SMIT Salvage v Luster Maritime –  EVER GIVEN Salvage Claim.

    No doubt our followers will remember when the Ever Given became ‘stuck’ in the Suez Canal. This case has been to determine whether or not a contract existed between the salvors and the shipowners in relation to the salvage work performed to release the ship.

    To read the full case you can access the judgment here

  • Today It Is All About Chocolate City | Case by Case (Ep. 78)

    Today is all about Chocolate, and not in the way you are thinking. Luke and Calum are delving into the legal implications of the decision made on 16 November 2023, by the Honourable Mr Justice Foxton in Chocolate City Ltd v WEA International Inc [2023] EWHC 2874 (Comm). Chocolate City is a case that highlights what happens when a lawyer is let lose in the wild to establish a successful record label.