Yassine Mghaieth and Luke Zadkovich discuss ship arrest, security proceedings, and COVID-19 Early Contract and Charterparty Review (Part 17 of Economic Crisis Series)

Luke Zadkovich hosts Yassine Mghaieth in our ongoing series looking at the legal issues caused across the world by the COVID-19 crisis.  Luke and Yassine discuss in detail the process for obtaining a ship arrest in the North African countries, and how the pandemic continues to effect the North African Courts. This podcast also includes commentary on the security actions that can be taken in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, along with a general overview of the way these countries are responding to the global pandemic. Yassine Mghaieth is a Tunisian maritime lawyer. His team works on both shipping and business matters, with offices in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Yassine is an expert in his field and provides a unique insight into his jurisdiction’s approach to the pandemic. Luke Zadkovich is a founding partner at ZFZ, and his work has seen him frequently deal with security actions, including vessel arrest, in North African jurisdictions.